2018 Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Idaho Writers Guild Writing Contest

Novel (first 10 pages)
1st place                 Kathy Hieb, Meridian            Before
1st place                 Stef Ann Holm, Boise            We Were Those Girls
2nd place               Patricia Pintar, Avimor           The Golden Hour
3rd place                Frank Lester, Garden City      Finnian’s Key

Honorable Mentions
Kendy Person                      Winds of the Tempest
Edwin Eldridge                    The Dragon’s Price
Kristin Whitman                  The Oracle
Renard M. Alotta                The Promise of Pinions
Ray Toronjo                          Children of Orphans Island
Jason Haskins                      Through the End of Time
Holly Millward                     Nights of Numberless Dreams

Short Story
1st place                 Suzan Ahrens, Boise                Great Mercy
2nd place               Eric Wallace, Eagle                    Solar Fix
3rd place                Rick Just, Boise                          Squeezed
3rd place                Michael Philley, Boise              Driven

Honorable Mentions
Mary Ann Cherry                Gingerbread Man
Susan Sivadon Hatch          The Madness of Margo King
Gail Marie Cole                    Boat Club
James Flaherty                     Her Father’s Daughter
Paul Werner                         The Walk
Matt Powell                          What Zahra Knows
Frank Lester                         Friendly Fire
Joseph Shea                         The Ranger Lady

Non-Fiction – Memoir
1st place                 Laurie Buchanan, Boise           The Trouble With                                                                                                Angels
2nd place               n/a

Non-Fiction – Essay
1st place                 Jeri Walker, Nampa                   Earth’s Stew
2nd place               Susan Young, Ann Arbor, MI     Dying Alive
3rd place                Frank Lester, Garden City          At What Price,                                                                                                Common Sense?

Honorable Mentions
Laura Veals                           How to Make Greek Coffee

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